Supporting your career

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A culture of international collaboration sparks innovative discoveries. ISDS-UB welcome international Ph.D. students and supports their careers in various ways. As we consider that exposure to an interdisciplinary research environment should be completed with involvement in national and international collaborations, conferences summer/winter schools. Consequently, the Ph.D. students are encouraged and financially supported to share their research challenges and experience with colleagues in Romania and abroad through their participation in such events.

Furthermore, we further support our students to access financial resources for research visits, fellowships and stages at research centers in the European Union and the USA, not only through the Research Center of University of Bucharest (ICUB) but also through third party funding sources, like, for example:

Your superviser could provide advice about how to complement these opportunities with your Ph.D. program at ISDS-UB and about how to maximize your chances in possible applications for further research positions and projects, in Romania and abroad.

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