Scholarships offered to foreign citizens by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Scholarships for studies to accredited higher education institutions in Romania are granted through a file-based application assessment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Ministry of Education and Research (MER). 85 study places are subsidized for bachelor, master and doctoral studies.

Eligibility: Foreign citizens from all non-EU countries (with a few exceptions mentioned in the Methodology like for example citizens of Romanian origin that are entitled to different scholarship programmes)

Conditions regarding Doctoral Studies: doctoral programmes are addressed to graduate students or equivalent and run for a period of 3-5 years, depending on the profile of the chosen faculty and end with the presentation of a PhD thesis. The general provission allow doctoral candidates to opt for studies in Romanian or in a foreign language*  set  by  the  doctoral  school (at ISDS-UB studies are orgnized only in internationally circulated languages). Others exceptions are described in the Programme Information (

*Note: For candidates who do not speak Romanian, a preparatory year is granted for the study of the Romanian language prior to the actual university studies, with the exception of doctoral scholarship holders who have opted for the form of education in a foreign language set by the doctoral school.

Content of the application file: see chapter (4). Documents required to complete the file of the mentioned Methodology.

How to submitt the application file: The application files must besent by the candidates, in electronic or physical format (preferably in electronic format), only through the diplomatic missions of Romania. Please consult chapter (2) of the Methodology for the exact details of submittiong your file, including exceptions and conditions that will lead to the rejection of the appliation.

Deadline for submitting the application: April 15, with results being announced on July 15.

Expenses covered by the scholarship include: the tuition fees; the accommodation expenses in the dormitories, through the budget of the Ministry of Education and Research, within the limit of the subsidy allocated for this purpose (accommodation will be provided to the extent of available places); granting a monthly financial aid of the equivalent in lei (Romanian currency) of the amount of 85 EURO, for PhD students; financing the tuition expenses for the Romanian language preparatory year; medical assistance in case of medical-surgical emergencies and diseases with endemic-epidemic potential, in accordance with the legislation in force; local public, ground, naval and underground transport, as well as domestic car, railway and naval transport, in the same conditions as those offered to Romanian students, according to the legal provision.

Expenses not covered by the scholarship: the costs of international transport and those of domestic transport from the Romanian border crossing point to the university. In this regard, candidates must be prepared for the personal financial support of the additional costs.

If you are accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance for studies in Romania, however for doctoral studies you will still need to take the admission contest and be declared successful in order to enroll.

!!! Kindly note that the information presented above are excerpts from the Programme Information published on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and are intended to provide a general guideline. Before starting your application, you should read the entire document available at  here. For further information, you should also contact the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or address the Romanian Diplomatic Mission in your country.