Ph.D. Research Topics

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The first thing to do before applying for a Ph.D. program at our Doctoral School is to find and choose an interdisciplinary research topic which fits your scientific interests. In order to do this you have two options:

  1.  search the Supervisors section, choose a Ph.D. coordinator from the basic field you are interested in and contact him via email in order to agree together on an interdisciplinary subject for your Ph.D. program;
  2.  search the list of research topics offered by ISDS-UB supervisors, which is available here; the list covers most scientific fields included in the nomenclature of domains, from exact sciences to theology.

Once you identified the research topic for your Ph.D. program, please consult the Admission section in order to find out which is the applying procedure for a Ph.D. position.

Further information about ISDS-UB: Supervisors and Research Environment

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