2020 January Admission Contest for Doctoral Studies for Non-EU Citizens

Important: The January 2020 Admission Contest to Doctoral Studies accepts only Non-EU candidates who have previously obtained the  Acceptance Letter from the Ministry of National Education

In order to be enrolled in an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at ISDS-UB you have to complete four tasks:

1) Contact an ISDS Supervisor in order to agree on a research topic and to prepare a research project

2) Prepare and submit your admission file at the ISDS-UB office

3) Participate and pass the Admission Colloquium

4) Validate you place

Eligibility criteria

For admission to a Ph.D. research program, we expect you to hold a Master’s degree in addition to a Bachelor’s degree and proficiency in English (check here the accepted types of English Certificates). You will need to provide information about the higher qualifications you have achieved or which you’re currently studying. You must also show that you have a sufficiently good level of written and spoken English to meet the demands of our academic environment. Please note that meeting academic requirements does not guarantee entry, it is only one of the factors taken into account when selectors make their decision. Other factors, such as relevant work experience and references are also important.

The admission contest in organized in compliance with the ISDS-UB Admission Methdology

For the January 2020 Admission contest, the following calendar is in order:

  • January, 6-10 Applications submissions
  • January, 13 Confirmation of eligibility and publication of the colloquium schedule
  • January, 15 Admission colloquium
  • January, 16 Publication of the results of the admission colloquium

It is possible to have the admission colloquium by video conference. In this case you will have to submit and official request to our office, in compliance with the admission methodology.

If you are accepted, you will need to come in person to our office until the latest of 15.02.2020. After that date, registration is not possible anymore.

Check here the list of necessary documents in your Admission File

Download the Admission Package with all the necessary documents and information.