Interdisciplinary Research Training Groups


New: Ph.D. positions in Interdisciplinary Research Training Groups

University of Bucharest, through ISDS, provides the rare opportunity for Ph.D students to focus their study and research on a complex topic, through Interdisciplinary Research Training Groups (IRTG), which is formed and developed around a research theme which requires an interdisciplinary approach, involving at least three supervisors from distinct fields. Now the candidates have the possibility to apply for a Ph.D. position in an IRTG.

After the successful defense of their thesis, the enrolled students will obtain the doctoral title in the particular field they have been registered in, as well as a Certificate highlighting their interdisciplinary achievements, inside the IRTG. During their doctoral studies, students will be guided by their supervisor and by a committee including specialists from different fields of study.

In September 2024, ISDS will organize an admission session for Ph.D. positions in the four existing IRTGs: