Get Inspired at ISDS-UB

Students whose research bridges disciplines are prepared for a changing world. In an environment which inspires and stimulates interdisciplinary training and research, the PhD students could develop an extended view on current scientific problems and a rich research experience manifested through approaches, methods and models experienced in different disciplines. The ISDS-UB programme increases the chances to be part of interdisciplinary research teams and access financial resources for future scientific projects, as main funding agencies in the world make efforts to encourage and to stimulate interdisciplinarity.

A culture of international collaboration sparks innovative discoveries. We further support our students to access financial resources for research visits, fellowships and stages at research centers in the European Union, not only through the Research Center of University of Bucharest (ICUB), but also through third party funding sources, like the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Humboldt Foundations.

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