As a Ph.D student at the University of Bucharest, several facilities are provided to you, including:

Institutional e-mail address

All ISDS doctoral students will receive upon their enrollments an institutional email address with one of the following terminations: name.surname@drd.unibuc.ro or name.surname@unibuc.ro.

These institutional email addresses will be issued a few weeks after registrations and students have to validate their accounts. The details will be sent on the email that the student provided while submitting his/her Ph.D. application.

If you encounter difficulties with this process, the University will provide logistic support, you just have to signal these problems on our official email address (isds@unibuc.ro).

These institutional addresses are recommended for future communication regarding the administrative work, for online courses and they can be used for gaining access to scientific databases.

Access to international data basis

Students enrolled in doctoral studies under ISDS-UB, will gain, as is the case for all students enrolled at the University of Bucharest, access to subscribed databases through the Anelis Plus consortium. This access is unlimited for users connected to the beneficiary institution’s internet network, based on IP addresses. However, access is also granted outside the institutions, by creating an account.

To create an account, the following solutions are implemented:  

  1. Through the E-nformation platform (https://www.e-nformation.ro/join-us) which will provide students with access to the following data basis: American Institute of Physics, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, Emerald, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – IEEE, Institute of Physics, Oxford University Press, ProQuest, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Thomson Reuters, Nature Publishing Group, Central and European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.), CABI, and Gale Cengage.
  2. Through ROMDIDAC (http://info-edu.ro/activare-cont) for access to EBSCO, SCIENCE, CAMBRIDGE.

For further information, you can also access the following link: http://www.anelisplus.ro/?page_id=1564

It is important to mention that confirmation for your account may take several days. To streamline the process, it is recommended for you to use your institutional email addresses.

Conflict Mediation and the change of the doctoral supervisor

1. Conflicts between doctoral students and members of the steering commission are mediated by the Council of the Doctoral School. In the event of failure, these are mediated by the Council of University’s Doctoral Studies. Conflicts between doctoral students and Doctoral School are mediated by Council of University’s Doctoral Studies.

2. In case of failure of the doctoral supervisor’s legal or contractual obligations or for other reasons referring to the guidance reports between the doctoral supervisor and the doctoral student, the doctoral student may request the change of the doctoral supervisor. The application must be endorsed by the Council of the Doctoral School and approved by the Council for University Doctoral Studies.The Council of the Doctoral School designates another doctoral supervisor. The change of doctoral supervisor can only be done if the new Ph.D supervisor gives his / hers consent.