Before You Apply

As a Doctoral student at ISDS-UB, you will be embarking on an interdisciplinary study and research experience. The main aim of any research program is to carry out original research that generates knowledge. Unlike the undergraduate or Master’s study experience, in which your study is largely concentrated on the understanding and assimilation of concepts formulated in previous scientific investigations, during your Ph.D. program the goal is to pass the border of present scientific knowledge and extend it by searching, finding and formulating solutions to yet unanswered scientific questions.  Your research studies are more likely to involve longer and less structured periods of time in which you do your work.

This will involve working under the direction of a supervisor and a steering committee of experts in your field, and sometimes as part of a team, with other students. You are likely to work with a smaller group of fellow students, which often leads to a greater sense of community with other research students and staff in your department. You will also have close professional interaction with your main supervisor and others officially associated with your study, as well as many more informal working interactions.

As the topic of your thesis is unique, it is normal to spend a lot of time working alone. Three years may seem like a long time to produce a thesis, but it is not. The study period is intensive, and you must structure your time so that you are able to reach the scientific goals related to your thesis. It is common for there to be ups and downs, but your supervisor and steering committee provides support for you to pass the scientific challenges.

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