Admission Colloquium

Before a formal offer of admission is made, all applicants must participate in the admission colloquium where they present their research project for the Ph.D. program.

The doctoral admission colloquium is held at the Interdisciplinary School of Doctoral Studies – ISDS-UB, in the presence of the admission committee. Due to this year special conditions, the admission contest will be held through videoconference. Make sure that your admission folder contains a request in this matter, including your preferred Skype address and  e-mail address. 

The admission colloquium is conducted according to the admission calendar and in the presence of the doctoral supervisor to whom the candidate wishes to enroll. You will receive an e-mail with the schedule. 

The admission committee is made up of doctoral supervisor as well as other members of the doctoral school and approved by the Council of Doctoral Studies of the University of Bucharest.

The structure of the admission contest

The admission contest has two parts: an evaluation of the candidate’s admission folder and an oral presentation on the proposed topic. The oral presentation is followed by a session of questions from the committee. The presentation is performed using an digital file (e.g. Power Point type) and include topics related to the proposed doctoral research theme, the justification of its importance, the proposed objectives, the stages of the research to be carried out, and methodology. The electronic form of the presentation should be sent by email ( at least 3 days before the colloquium.

The evaluation of candidates

The evaluation and selection of the candidates enrolled in the admission contest for doctoral studies will be carried out according to the following criteria:

a) The quality of the presentation and proposed research theme (scientific context and research motivation, definition of research objectives, research methodology, expected results, degree of innovation, degree of interdisciplinarity) (50%);

b) The ability to achieve the proposed objectives (30%);

c) The candidate’s academic and scientific results (school situation, scientific articles, extra-curricular activities, etc.) (20%).

The grading System

Following the admission contest, each member of the commission will give each candidate a grade (an integer number from 1 to 10) for each evaluation criterion. The average awarded by each member of the commission is obtained as an arithmetic average of the grades awarded for each evaluation criteria. The final grade is the arithmetic average, calculated with two decimals, of the averages resulting from the grades given by each member of the admission committee.The minimum grade for admission to doctoral studies is 7 (seven).

In case of the same grade, the following additional criteria will be used, in order to rank the candidates:

  1. Number of completed study programs.
  2. The grade obtained for the dissertation paper. In the case of graduates who have only a bachelor’s degree in long-term higher education (pursuant to Law 84/1995) of the period prior to the application of the three Bologna cycles, the grading criteria is the grade at the bachelor exam.
  3. Number of previous publications.
  4. The number of foreign languages known and demonstrated by recognized certificates.

The admission colloquium will be held in English. The presentation in another language with international circulation it is possible only with the previous approval of the Board of the Doctoral School. 


The results of the admission colloquium are validated by the Board of the Doctoral School and approved by the Central Admission Commission of the University of Bucharest. The results will be made public on the web-site, at the announcements section.

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