The Interdisciplinarity Challenge

We invite you to join us in a research community that navigates across a spectrum of disciplines and methods in pursuit of sharp answers to ardent issues. What is your research quest?

Our society faces unprecedented challenges which require out-of-the-disciplinary-box solutions. Their identification relies on research and innovation involving collaborations between scientists from different fields. This is one of the reasons why major European USA funding agencies developed mechanisms to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborative research among scientists. We offer a dedicated arena to sharpen your interdisciplinary approach to scientific research, in direct dialogue with European and global scholars.

Young researchers currently receive specialized training in a particular discipline and seldom interact with students from other disciplines. Although discipline‐specific training is critical for ensuring research excellence within fields, training that is limited to a scientific domain can affect students’ ability to be competitive for successful research careers. Unless students are enrolled in programs that cut across disciplines, they may receive little to no training in conducting interdisciplinary research. With little exposure to such a heterogeneous and rich scientific experience, students may lack the ability to incorporate an interdisciplinary approach later on in their research careers. Although universities make efforts to provide mechanisms to bring together researcher from multiple disciplines, there are limited opportunities for research students to obtain formalized training in interdisciplinary research programs.

The University of Bucharest, a leading university of Romania which organizes graduate, masters and Ph.D. studies in 19 Faculties, through the Interdisciplinary School of Doctoral Studies (ISDS-UB), provides the opportunity for Ph.D. candidates to develop research skills in an interdisciplinary environment, in the European research area.

ISDS-UB is an organized community of researchers, doctoral students, and lecturers. Our school provides a structure to effectively support scientific research and hands-on, experiential learning. The activities carried out in the Doctoral School include: organizing interdisciplinary training programs based on advanced university studies, conducting scientific research, writing scientific papers, elaborating the doctoral thesis, scientific communication and public defense of the research results. ISDS-UB aims to provide to the young scientist the opportunity to develop research skills in an interdisciplinary stimulating environment.

Study and research at ISDS-UB are organized jointly with 19 Faculties, but they are also connected with the scientific activities at the Research Center of University of Bucharest (ICUB), which provides a platform for cross-disciplinary approaches and which promotes excellence in research and encourages international collaborations.

By spanning scientific fields’ boundaries and by fostering collaboration, ISDS-UB provides an intellectual intersection between disciplines where new ideas emerge across sciences and humanities. Join us!

Further information about ISDS-UB:  Stimulating Environment